How to Add New Room Types?

You have an access to our extranet system but not sure how to add new room? We will show you how.


Add New Room Type

Follow the guidelines below:

1. When you have logged in to our Extranet system (, you will be directed to ‘Home’ page as shown below.

2. On top of the page, click on ‘More’ option and a list will drop down. Choose ‘Room’.

3. You will then reach the ‘Room’ page (the one below) where all your hotel/ homestay room types are displayed. Click on the green button – ‘Add New Room’.

4. A pop-up window (Add New Room) will show up as pictures below. Click ‘Save changes’ after you have filled up all the information.

(Please make sure to fill up the one with red symbol *)

Note: Refer to additional guide if you’re not sure what to fill in.

5. The system will indicate it has saved your data with a pop-up ‘New room has been added’ after you click the save changes.

6. Afterwards, you can always edit the information of the room whenever you need to make changes to the detail of particular room type.

7. If you need to add another new room type, make sure to refresh the page before you click ‘Add New Room’.


Additional Guide

Room Details: –

Room Name: Type of room (Ex: Deluxe, Standard, Superior)

Guest Number Max: Maximum number of guest

Built Unit: Number/ Unit of room built in

Default Allotment: Number of unit/ room that you grant us the authority to sell

Description: Ex- Type of bed, facilities, include breakfast, and so on.

Photo: Drag an image from a folder and drop it in the empty box.

Sample of completed information:


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