Overview of the Manage Group Reservations Page in Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS users!

Now, you can manage the group reservation easily from the Manage Group Reservation page.

Check out this video to find out more on the overview of the manage group reservation page in Softinn PMS.

Overview of the Manage Group Reservations Page:

  1. Bulk actions for all rooms under the group reservation
    • Bulk shorten or extend stay, bulk move the reservations to another date, perform the group check-in and check-out as well as generate group invoices, for all rooms at once
  2. View the total charges and outstanding balance for the group reservation
  3. Add more rooms to group reservation by clicking “Add Room” button.
  4. Update the main contact of the group reservation by clicking on the “Pencil” icon.
  5. Update the reservation for a single room under the group reservation
    • Click on the “Option” menu icon and perform multiple actions such as shorten or extend stay, change the check-in and check-out date, change the room type, update the room rates, add or update remarks, and update the room guests as well as duplicate room.
  6. Cancel room reservation.
  7. Click “View Activity Logs” to find out ‘Who-Did-What-at-When’ for this group reservation

Let’s start managing group reservations easily all from a single page in Softinn PMS! 🙂

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