Where to View OTA Booking Payment Details in Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user!

This video is for Softinn Channel Manager users. After you have mapped your OTAs with Softinn Channel Manager, you could obtain your OTAs’ guest credit card payment details through your Softinn PMS.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out where to view OTA booking in Softinn PMS :

Steps to View OTA Booking Payment Details in Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property

Step 3 : Click ‘Reservation

Step 4 : Click ‘OTA Booking Details

  • By default, only Lodge Owner will be able to view the OTA Booking Details page in PMS
  • It is up to the Lodge Owner to grant access for his internal team to view this page

Step 5 : Those with access, you will see the list of bookings received from your connected OTAs on this page

Step 6 : You’ll be able to view the guest name, booking amount, booking type, booking source, and guest check-in date.

Step 7 : To view the OTA booking payment details, click the ‘eye’ icon

Step 8 : Key in the Access Key, Only user with the Access Key would be able to view the booking payment details

  • The Access Key will be provided upon request only
  • You could request the Access Key from Softinn by sending an email to account@mysoftinn.com

Step 9 : After you keyed-in the Access Key, click ‘Okay‘ button to view the credit card details of the guest booked through OTAs

Step 10: Click the ‘eye’ icon next to the credit card number, key in the same Access Key to view the CVV number. Remember it as the CVV can only be viewed ONCE.

  • You will be seeing Red Alert “Invalid Access Key” if you insert the wrong access key here

Important Note:

  • For security purposes, the booking details for each reservation can only be seen ONCE
  • Softinn will ONLY share the Access Key to the property’s owner or admin

You also could track which user has open the OTAs Booking Details page.

Step 1 : Click “OTHERS” and click “REPORT

Step 2 : Click “Activity Log

  • On Activity Log Report, you could see “Who-Did-What-at-When
  • You could view which user just view the OTA Booking Details page in a specific date and time

Hope this video helps you on where to view OTA booking payment details in Softinn PMS 🙂

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