Print Guest Folio in Softinn PMS

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Once you’ve checked-in or checked-out a guest, you’ll have a record of their payment in the guest folio. You can print each guest folio for you to keep as a hard copy.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to print guest folio in Softinn PMS

Steps to Print Guest Folio on Softinn PMS :

Follow the guidelines below:

Create a Reservation on Softinn PMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click Reservation

Step 4 : Add a new Reservation for your Guest. A new Reservation Tab is opened for you to create a new Reservation. Proceed to add Room Booking, Guests, and Charges details for the Reservation.

Step 5 : Click “Save Reservation”. A new Reservation is now created.

Print Guest Folio

Step 1 : At the Reservation page, go to the Reservation that you’ve added & proceed to Check-In the guest.

Step 2 : Click “Guest Folio” to generate Folio on the Folio page.

Step 3 : Click “Folio” button to proceed to generate the guest folio.

Guest Folio is generated in a new tab. You can view, download, or print it straight away.

Hope this video helps you on how to print the guest folio in Softinn PMS 🙂

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