How to Setup Product in PMS

Offer extra products for your guests? Don’t know where to set up for your product?

Don’t worry, check out the video & guidelines below to know how to set up your product in PMS:

Steps to Set up Product in Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click on ‘SETUP’

Step 3 : Choose ‘General’

Step 4 : Click on ‘Product’

Step 5 : Click ‘Add Product Category’. You need to set up the category of product before you set up product

Step 6 : Fill in your ‘Product Category’ and its reference code for the respective category

Step 7 : Once done, save changes

Step 8 : You can always view your product category by clicking on ‘eye’ icon. Click on ‘pencil’ icon to edit and ‘cross’ icon to delete it

Step 9 : Then, click on ‘Add Product’ to list the products that you are offering under the respective product category

Step 10 : Key in your product and its shortcode. Besides, state price for the respective product and add note, if any

Step 11 : Save changes once done

Repeat Step 4 to Step 7 to add more product category
Repeat Step 9 to Step 10 to add more product

*NOTE: If you switch off the toggle switch for “Status”, it indicates that you do not offer that product or product category anymore

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