How to Generate Tax Report on Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user! Tax reporting is an important part of your hotel operation. You’ll need to submit & remit the tax collected from your hotel business to the relevant authorities or bodies.

Softinn PMS provide Tax Reporting feature to help you in getting the Tax Report easily according to your Tax Types or by Date a tax is charged.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to generate tax report on Softinn PMS.

Steps to Generate Tax Report on Softinn PMS.

Follow the guidelines below:

Login to Softinn PMS and to Tax Report page
Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:
Step 2 : Select the right property
Step 3 : Click on your email ID on the top right of the page.
Step 4 : Click “Go to PMS”. You will be automatically logged-in to Softinn PMS.
Step 5 : Click “Report”.
Step 6 : Go to “Tax”. Choose whether you want to generate your Tax Report “By Tax” or “By Date”.

PART 1 : Generate Tax Report “By Tax” Type
Step 1 : From Softinn PMS homepage, click “By Tax”.
Step 2 : Select your tax report Date Range (Eg. 1/2/2020 to 29/2/2020).
Step 3 : Choose the tax type you want to generate from the drop-down menu for “Tax”.
Step 4 : Click “Apply”. A Tax Report will be generated for it. The result shows the tax charged for Reservations happen from 1/2/2020 to 29/2/2020.
Step 5 : You may choose how many results to view per page at the bottom of the page result. Click “Refresh” icon afterwards.
Step 6 : Click “Excel” button at the bottom right corner of the screen to download the report as Excel file.
Step 7 : Repeat the same for other tax types, if any, to get a separate report respectively.

PART 2 : Generate Tax Report “By Date”
Step 1 : From Softinn PMS homepage, click “By Date”
Step 2 : Select a Date Range for your Tax Report (Eg. 1/2/2020 to 29/2/2020).
Step 3 : Choose the Tax types you want to have in the report. You can select multiple tax types, if any, for your Report.
Step 4 : Click “Apply”. The Tax Report generated will have different taxes in column as you choose. The report shows you the total tax collected under each tax type from reservations check-in during the date.
Step 5 : Click “Excel” button to download the report.

Hope this helps you in getting the Tax Report for your monthly submission & remittance to the authorities.

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