Where to Check Revenue Breakdown, Expenses Breakdown, and Profit/Loss Report on Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS Operator! Now that it’s the end of the financial month, you’d like to account for the income you’ve made from the property you manage.

On Softinn PMS, you can generate Revenue and Expenses Breakdown by Property report. You can also get your Profit/Loss summary for all properties you manage either by individual reports or by having multiple properties income in a single report.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out where to check your monthly Revenue breakdown, Expenses breakdown, and Profit/Loss summary on Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Generate Revenue/Expenses Breakdown by Property Reports
Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS: pms.mysoftinn.com
Step 2 : Click on your property name to select the property group name.
Step 3 : Click “Property Group”.
Step 4 : Click “Reports”.
Step 5 : Click “Revenue Breakdown by Property”. You’ll reach the Revenue Breakdown by Property page.
Step 6 : Set your Financial Period (Eg. 1/3/2020 – 29/3/2020)
Step 7 : Select your Service Contract (Eg. Guaranteed Return RM600 Plan)
Step 8 : Select your Property (Eg. Vortex Sky Suite)
Step 9 : Click “Apply”. The Revenue Breakdown by Property Report is now created.
Step 10 : Click “Excel” to download the report
Step 11 : Go to “Expenses Breakdown by Property”
Repeat Step 6 to Step 11 to get Expenses Breakdown by Property Report.

Generate Profit/Loss Summary Report
Step 1 : Click “Property Group”.
Step 2 : Click “Reports
Step 3 : Go to “Profit Summary”
Step 4 : Set your Payout Period (Eg. March 2020)
Step 5 : Select your Property (Eg. Vortex Sky Suite)
Step 6 : Click “Apply”. The Profit/Loss Summary Report for Vortex Sky Suite is now created.

It shows the Revenue, Expenses and Profit/Loss breakdown between Operator and Owner.

Step 7 : Click “Excel” to download the report
Step 8 : You may select multiple properties to get Profit/Loss Summary for all properties in one report (Eg.. Vortex Sky Suite, Vortex ABB, Alif Vortex Homestay).
Step 9 : Click “Apply”. The Profit/Loss Summary Report for the three properties are now created.
Step 10 : Click “Excel” to download the report

Now you, as Property Management Company or Property Operator, can easily check your Revenue, Expenses, and Profit/Loss reports on Softinn PMS!

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