How to Shorten Stay in Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS users!

Check out this video to find out to learn more about how to edit a reservation in Softinn PMS

Steps to Shorten Stay in Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Log in to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property.

Step 3 : Click on “Reservation” to go to the reservation main page. 

Step 4 : Firstly, you can click on the “Option” menu icon and then select “Shorten Stay”.

Step 5 : After that, the “Shorten Stay” window will pop up. From this pop-up window, you can insert how many nights to be shortened by.

Step 6 : Click on the “Save” button to save the changes. 

Note: The system will reverse the remaining room charges, so it only shows the charges of the nights the guests are staying. You can toggle the button of “Show reversed and voided transaction”, and then you shall see the room charges that have been reversed.

Now, you have successfully shortened the stay, from the reservation main page.

Hope this video helps you learn how to shorten stay for a reservation in Softinn PMS

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