How to Replace Room Guest in Softinn PMS

Hello  Softinn PMS users!

Let’s imagine that your Hotel has received a new reservation from a guest name James Lucas. However, due to certain circumstances, he can’t make it to stay at your hotel. Instead, he request to replace the reservation to be under his wife’s name, Lily.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to replace room guest in  Softinn PMS

Steps to Replace Room Guest in Softinn PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property.

Step 3 : Click on the Reservation

Step 4 : Find the reservation that you want to replace the guest. Click the “Edit” icon.

Step 5 : Go to the Main Contact section to replace this reservation

  • Search guest name on the search bar if the guest is a frequent guest at your Hotel
  • If the guest never visits your Hotel before, tick “Add New Guest” to add her contact details

Step 6 : Click “Save Reservation” once done.

  • The guest details will be added when the reservation is saved

Step 7 : You have successfully replaced the reservation to the new guest name


  • The reason for replacing the room with new guests is because people may book on behalf of other people. For example, people at a company may book on behalf of his/her colleagues for their business trip.

Hope this video helps on how to replace room guest in Softinn PMS  🙂

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