How to Use Collection Summary Report in Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user!

You would like to know how much cash & payment your hotel front office has collected in a day or in each shift of a day.

Besides, you would also like to know how much is the Cash Opening Balance and Ending Balance for each shift.
*This is only applicable to hotel who have done Shift Setup in Softinn PMS

In Softinn PMS , you could get this information from the Collection Summary Report.

Check out this video to find out how to use the collection summary report in Softinn PMS 🙂

Steps to Use Collection Summary Report in PMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Section 1 : First Time Using the New Collection Summary Report

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the correct property

Step 3 : Click “Others” and go to “Report

Step 4 : Click “Collection Summary

Step 5 :  Next select the right shift that you are currently working at

Step 6 : You could filter the Payment Method too, if you want to

Step 7 : If you are an existing Softinn PMS user, you may be seeing some Cash Balances in the 3 blocks here

Step 8 : Besides, you may be seeing a huge sum in the Opening Balance in Cash too

  • These sums are the accumulated amount for cash balances in payment, security deposit, and adv. deposit
  • You would be able to view the collection/refund that happened during the shift
  • You would be able to view the accumulated balance for the collection that happened during the shift, if any
  • Do not panic seeing huge sum in Current Cash Balance and Opening Balance in Cash

Step 9 :  Let’s follow this guide to learn how to reset the opening balance &  tally your current cash balance in this report with your real cash in the drawer

Step 10 : Let’s reset the Opening Balance of the current shift to 0.00 by using “Withdraw Cash” button so that you can start fresh again

  • Click “Withdraw Cash
  • Insert the Opening balance amount of the current shift 
  • Insert the Description/Note for the cash withdrawal
  • Once done, click “Withdraw Cash”

Step 11 : Cash withdrawn will be shown in the report

Step 12 : Opening Balance (+) Cash Sub Total of this shift (-) Amount withdrawn = Cash balance to be carried forward to next shift

Step 13 : At the end of the shift, you may use “Add Cash” or “Withdraw Cash” button to adjust the balance accordingly

Section 2 : Do Adjustment, if any, in Collection Summary Report

Step 1 : At the beginning of a shift, you could use “Add Cash” to add cash float to the shift, if needed

  • Insert the correct amount and description
  • Once done, click “Add Cash” button

Step 2 : At the end of each shift or depending on your hotel practices, you should do the real cash count again and tally to the “Ending” balance in the report

Step 3 : Then, you could withdraw the Cash ending balance in “Payment” or “Security Deposit” during a day or a shift by clicking “Withdraw Cash”, if you want to

  • Click “Withdraw Cash
  • Insert the Amount for the Payment or Security Deposit
  • Insert the Description/Note for the cash withdrawal
  • Once done, click “Withdraw Cash”

Step 4 : After withdrawal, you shall see the “Amount Withdrawn” in the report
The amount withdrawn shall be passed to your hotel finance department together with the Collection Summary Excel Report

Step 5 : The balance will be automatically carried forward to the next shift

Step 6 : You can download the Collection Summary report in Excel by clicking on the “Excel” button

When you “Add Cash” and “Withdraw Cash” in Collection Summary Report, the activity will be kept in Activity Log

Step 1 : Click “OTHERS

Step 2 : Click “REPORT

Step 3 :  Click “Activity Log

Step 4 : You could view which user has withdrawn the cash and added the cash here

Step 5 : Click “i” icon to view the details

  • You will be able to view the withdrawal amount and the description of the transaction

Section 3 : Other Payment Method in Collection Summary Report

Step 1 : In Collection Summary Report, you will be able to view the Payment Account other than Cash that you have setup in PMS here

Step 2 : You will be able to track how much is the collection that Hotel received or refund that hotel made for each payment account

Step 3 : This Collection and Refund is clickable and you’ll be redirected to Shift Summary Report

Hope this video helps you on how to use Collection Summary Report in Softinn PMS 🙂

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