Introduction to Softinn BnB Management Module

Hello BnB Operator! We believe you have a number of BnBs under your management. Operating multiple BnBs at the same time is not an easy task.

Check out how Softinn PMS can make your work easier!

1. Group Your Properties.
This will help you to easily manage and operate multiple properties with just a few clicks.

2. Setup Service Contracts.
Setup the service contract as per agreement with your property owners. You can go down into as detailed as how each type of revenue is being shared, and so are the expenses.

3. Link Revenue & Expenses Type to the Service Contracts.
Linking this to the service contract for the purpose of generating an accurate owner’s payout reports and also group financial reports later.

4. Manage Reservations, Housekeeping, and Reporting
Easily create Reservation and adding payment. You can setup relevant tax for each reservation as well. Housekeeping management made easier in Softinn PMS too. Best still, with our comprehensive reporting in Softinn PMS BnB Operator would be able to know how much sales have been generated and how much payment has been collected.

5. Generate Owner’s Payout Report
Easily generate monthly payout report to all your property owners by just a few clicks. The owner will know how much they should receive from you based on the calculation stated in the report.

6. Generate Group Financial Reports
Get group financial reporting such as Revenue & Expense breakdown and Profit Summary per property, so to be presenting to your management company.

7. Automate Report Delivery Through Email.
Setup the report email to automate the delivery of your report through email to your designated recipients on periodical basis.

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