How to Setup & Add Maintenance Work Order on Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user! Do you know that you can use Softinn PMS to create task for your Maintenance Workers as well? It can be done through the Work Order feature on Softinn PMS!

With Work Order, you can easily assign a maintenance task to a worker, monitor the repairing process and even close a room for it.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to setup and add work order for maintenance. 

Steps to Setup and Add Maintenance Work Order on Softinn PMS

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1 : Introduction to Work Order on Softinn PMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click on your email ID on the top right of the page.

Step 4 : Click “Go to PMS”.  You will be automatically logged-in to Softinn PMS.

Step 5 : Click “Housekeeping”.

Step 6 : Click “Work Order”.  

You will see the Work Order page for your Hotel’s Maintenance Management. From this page, you can add a Work Order whenever something needs maintenance. You will see when a Room is closed for maintenance and the task’s priority.

PART 2 : How to Invite Maintenance Worker on Softinn PMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS & Click “Setup”

Step 2 : Click “Housekeeping “

Step 3 : Click “Maintenance Worker”

Step 4 : Click “Add Maintenance Worker”

Step 5 :  Insert Maintenance Worker’s Name and Reference ID and Email.

Step 6 :  Create a Password for the  Worker. The new Maintenance Worker has been added. 

Your Maintenance Worker…

(i) Maintenance worker will get an email and use the Email and Password to login.

(ii) Maintenance worker click “login here” in the email and use the Email and Password to login to Softinn PMS:

(ii)  Maintenance worker could login and see work order task list using mobile phone or using PC.

PART 3 : How to Add a Work Order by Front Desk Officer

Step 1 : Go to “Work Order” page 

Step 2 : Click “Add Work Order” 

Step 3 : Select a Room or other Location in hotel 

Step 4 : Write what needs to get repaired

Step 5 : Click “i” icon for info to close the room

Step 6 : Tick the box to close the room and select date & time. (Optional) 

Step 7 : Select “Open”

Step 8 : Set how urgent and important the work is.

Step 9 : Assign Worker to do the repair. The new Work Order has been added. Status is “Open” until work is completed.

Work Order Status for Room can be seen from Room Status too..

Step 1 :  Go to “Room Status” page. 

Step 2 : Room with “Spanner” icon lighted in Orange, means an “Open” work is pending for completion.

When work is added, your maintenance worker will…

(i)  Worker login to Softinn PMS:   

(ii) Worker see the task and will do the work

(ii) Once work has done, maintenance worker clicks “Completed” button.

Once the work has been completed by maintenance worker, Front Desk Officer will see…

(i) Status of the work order changed from “Open” to “Completed” in Work Order page.

(ii) “Spanner” icon is not lighted anymore at Room Status page.

PART 4 : Add Work Order by Maintenance Worker

Worker can also add a Work Order Task by himself.

Step 1 : Worker login to Softinn PMS:    

Step 2 : Worker clicks  “Add Work Order Task ” 

Step 3 : Worker selects a Room or other Location

Step 4 : Write what needs to get repaired

Step 5 : Set the priority

Step 6 : Worker has now added a new Work Order.

Front Desk Officer would see the task added by maintenance worker on the Work Order page as well. 

Let’s manage your maintenance work order with Softinn PMS today 🙂


NOTE: You can refer to How to Setup Housekeeping on Softinn PMS to see how to create names for locations in your hotel.

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