Softinn PMS Date Types Definition

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In Softinn PMS, there are five types of date. The types of date in PMS are :

  1. Reservation Creation Date
  2. Check-In & Out Date
  3. Charge Applicable Date
  4. Transaction Date
  5. Guest Arrival Date & Departure Date

You may refer to the illustration below for the definition types of date in PMS :

Check out this video to learn more about the PMS Date Types in Softinn PMS  🙂

PMS Date Types Definitions in Softinn PMS:

  1. Reservation Creation Date
    • The date that the hotel front desk officer created the reservation in PMS
  2. Check-In Date and Check-Out date
    • The check-in date and check-out date that the guest make a reservation
    • Check-in time and check-out time is the default time that has been setup by the hotel
  3. Charge Applicable Date
    • The date on which the room charges are applied to
  4. Transaction Date
    • Date when the charges or payment has been added in PMS Guest Folio
  5. Guest Arrival Date & Departure Date
    • Arrival Date is the actual date and time that guest check-in at your hotel
    • Departure Date is the actual date and time that guest check-out at your hotel

Here is an illustration of the scenario for the PMS Date types for further information :

Hope this video helps you to understand  Softinn PMS  date types definitions 🙂

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