How Guest Performs Online Payment Upon Receiving the Payment Request Email

Hello Softinn PMS user!

Check out this video to learn how to perform online payment upon receiving the payment request email sent by the Hotel.

Steps to Performs Online Payment :

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : As a guest, check your email for the online payment request sent by the hotel to you

Step 2 : In the email, there will be your details, guest folio number, check-in date, amount requested by the hotel, and the hotel details that you will be staying at

Step 3 : From the email, click on the “Make Payment” button to proceed with the online payment

Step 4 : To start the payment process, click on the “Start” button

Step 5 : Verify all the details before clicking on the “Make Payment” button

Step 6 : Select the preferred payment method and proceed to make a payment

Step 7 : Insert the credit card or debit card details

  • Once the payment is successfully made, you will see “This payment request has been paid successfully.”

Step 8 : Go back to your email and you will receive an email informing you the payment has successfully been made

Note: If your payment failed, you will see “Payment failed” on the page.

Hope this video helps you in making online payment requests sent by the hotel powered by Softinn 😉

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