How to Setup STAAH Channel Manager Integration on Softinn PMS

Hi Softinn PMS user. Softinn PMS is now integrated with STAAH Channel Manager. 

Now, you can manage the room rates and availability from Softinn PMS and the reservations from OTAs will be updated automatically to Softinn PMS

Check out this video to find out more on how to set up STAAH Channel Manager integration on Softinn PMS πŸ™‚ 

Steps to Setup for STAAH Integration on Softinn PMS

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1 : How to Setup Room Type on Softinn PMS for STAAH Channel Manager Integration 

Step 1 : Login to Softinn PMS.

Step 2 : Select the correct property.

Step 3 : Go to β€œSETUP”, click on β€œRoom” and click on β€œRoom Type & No”

Step 4 : If you have not created the room type in PMS yet, you can proceed to click on the β€œAdd Room Type” button to add the room type. After that, remember to set up the room number for that room type as well. 

  • The room type created in Softinn PMS needs to be the same as the room type that you have created or will be created on the STAAH account.

Step 5 : Next, you will need to click on the β€œEdit” button and make sure that you have filled in the Reference Code. 

  • The Reference Code will need to be the same as in STAAH too.

Step 6 : You also will see the Connect to STAAH section. Turn on the toggle to change the status to Enable and fill in the Room Code

  • The Room Code will need to be the same as in the STAAH account. Suggest the Room Code and the Reference Code to be the same.

Step 7 : Once done, you can click on the β€œSave Changes” button

PART 2 : How to Show to Setup and Map the Rate Plan on Softinn PMS to STAAH Channel Manager 

Step 1 : Go to β€œSETUP, click on β€œRoom” and click on β€œRate Plan”

Step 2 : On the Rate plan section, you will need to setup and map the rate plan that you would like to sync to the STAAH Channel Manager

  • The Rate Code will need to be the same as in the STAAH account.

Step 3 : You can click on the β€œView Rate Plan Mapping Code” to view the Rate Plan Mapping that you have setup in Softinn PMS. You can see the list of the Rate Code. You can click on the β€œExport Mapping Code” to download the Rate Plan Mapping.

Step 4 : You will need to provide the Room Type Reference Code and Room Rate Code that you have set up in Softinn PMS to the STAAH Account Manager to complete the integration. 

PART 3 : How to Check for the Successful Integration for STAAH Channel Manager and Softinn PMS on Softinn PMS to STAAH Channel ManagerΒ 

Step 1 : Once the setup for the STAAH connection has been completed, you can go to the PMS Inventory page to update the availability and room rates.

Step 2 : The updated information shall be reflected on the STAAH Dashboard in 1 to 2 minutes if the integration with STAAH Channel Manager is successful.

Step 3 : For the first-time user, once step (2) was completed successfully, please proceed to update the Availability and Rates on the Inventory page before you click β€œInitial Sync to STAAH” button

We have made your hotel operation easier with Softinn PMS integrated to the STAAH Channel Manager. Let’s try it out!

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