Softinn Kiosk Apps (FATboy) Setting Setup

Hello Softinn Hotel Kiosk user!

After you have installed Softinn Hotel Kiosk apps on your computer, you will need to setup Softinn Kiosk Setting.

Check out this video to find out how to do setup for Softinn Kiosk Setting :

Steps to Setup Softinn Kiosk Apps Setting:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy)

Step 2 : Click “Setting

Step 3 : Click “Softinn Kiosk Setting

Step 4 : Insert your Hotel Name

Step 5 : Insert Emergency Helpline for the guest to contact Hotel if they have any inquiry during their stay

Step 6 : Insert Hotel ID 

  • Note: Hotel ID will be provided by Softinn Account Manager

Step 7 : Insert Softinn Secret API Key

  • Note: Softinn Secret API Key will be provided by Softinn Account Manager

Step 8 : You also could :

  • Enable Cash Payment for the room charges provided that your hotel kiosk has a cash collector
  • Setup the night audit time for Hotel Kiosk.
  • Setup the security deposit amount that need to be collected from the hotel kiosk
  • Adjust the Time Buffer (before Check-In) and Time Buffer (after Check-Out)

Step 9 : Once done, click “SAVE” button

Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) Setting has successfully been saved. Next, you could restart the apps.

Hope this video helps you on how to do the setup for Softinn Kiosk App (FATboy) Setting 🙂

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