How to Setup Printer on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy)

Hello Softinn Hotel Kiosk user!

Check out this video to find out how to do printer setup on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) πŸ™‚

Steps to Setup Printer on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) :

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Open Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy)

Step 2 : Click β€œSetting”

Step 3 : Click “Printer

Step 4 : For the COM Port, you will need to do the testing one by one manually to get the correct COM Port for printer

Step 5 : Click β€œSAVE” button

Step 6 : Next, proceed to restart the apps

Step 7 : Once you have restarted the apps, proceed to click the β€œConnect” button

Step 8 : And then proceed to click the “Testing Printing” to test print

Step 9 : If your printer printed the receipt, it means the COM Port is correct

Step 10 : Otherwise, you will need to click the β€œDisconnect” button, follow by choosing the other COM Port number and repeat the same steps

Step 11 : For the Receipt footer, you could customize the content that you would like to add. Once done, click “SAVE” button

Hope this video helps on how to do the setup for a printer on Softinn Hotel Kiosk App (FATboy) πŸ™‚

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