What’s on Your CMS Hotel Website Dashboard & CMS Hotel Page

Hello Softinn CMS user!

You have already logged in to CMS and now you are ready to explore CMS! But first, do you know what is shown on your CMS Dashboard? CMS Dashboard displays to you in one single view the information important for your hotel website performance.  

You can also view your Hotel Details on Softinn CMS.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out What’s on Softinn CMS Dashboard & Hotel Page : 

What You’ll See on CMS Dashboard About Your Hotel Website & CMS Hotel Page:

Follow the guideline below:

PART 1 : What’s on Your Softinn CMS Dashboard

After login to Softinn CMS, choose the right property and CMS Dashboard will be the home page for your CMS. 

There are 4 sections displayed on your CMS Dashboard.

SECTION 1: Your Hotel

  • “Your Hotel” is the first section. It shows your Hotel Photo, Hotel Name, Hotel Contact Info, Description and Policies.

SECTION 2: Sessions

  • “Sessions” section shows the number of times your website was visited. Select a date range and click “Change” to see the sessions on different days.

SECTION 3: Users

  • “Users” section shows the number of users who visited your website. Select date range and click “Change” to compare the number of users between different dates.

SECTION 4: Source & Medium Table

  • “Source & Medium Table” section allows you to trace where your visitors come from. Select the date range and click “Change”.   For example, from 1st Oct 2020 to 7th Oct 2020, there are 9 sessions from 4 users from “Direct” source/medium.

With these info, you could easily track your website performance on a real-time basis. You also could plan for a suitable time to do a promotion on your Hotel website.

PART 2 : What’s on Your CMS Hotel Page

Step 1 : Click “Hotel” to go to the Hotel Details page.

Step 2 : On the Hotel Details page, you are able to edit certain details. The details that you can edit is the Description, Email, and Phone Number. 

  • You could insert an additional phone number if you want to
  • You can add your Hotel Facebook URL
  • You also can add Google Analytics (GA) Tracking ID

Step 3: To edit other details on this page, you can send an email to booking@mysoftinn.com

Step 4: Once done, click “Save Changes”.

Go to your hotel website and double-check the information that has been updated to your website accordingly.


  • Google Analytics is a web analytics service which it can tracks and report your Hotel website traffic.

Let’s start using Softinn CMS now!


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