How to Add Tour Package Info to Your Hotel Website Using Softinn CMS

Hello Softinn CMS user. It seems that your hotel is offering tour packages and you’d like to add those tour packages info into the hotel website. Use our Softinn CMS to update the Tour Package page with the new info!

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how you can add tour package info to your hotel website using Softinn CMS.

Steps to Add Tour Package Info to Your Hotel Website using Softinn CMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1: Login to Softinn CMS

Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:

Step 2 : Select the right property.

Step 3 : Click on your email ID on the top right of the page.

Step 4 : Click “Go to CMS”.  You will be automatically logged-in to Softinn CMS.


PART 2: Add Tour Package Info on CMS

Step 1 : Click “Tour Package”

Step 2 : Click “Add Package”.

Step 3 : Insert Tour Package “Name”.

Step 4:  Set the Price.

Step 5: Insert the Tour Package “Description”.

Step 6 : Click Campaign/Booking Period Date Box to set the dates when the Tour Package is available . Or click “Clear” if the Tour Package is available all year long.

Step 7 : Click Check-in Period Date Box to set check-in dates limit or “Clear” for no date limits.

Step 8 : Click on “Drop your image here” to upload Tour Package Photo.

Step 9 : Insert Call To Action words or sentences.

Step 10 : Click “Save Changes”. Your Tour Package now appears in the Package List.

Step 11 : Drag and drop the Package to arrange how it will appear on the website. 

Step 12 :  Click “Update Order”.

Step 13 : Open your website to see the new changes made on “Tour Packages” page. The new Tour Package appears according to the list arrangement you made. It displays Your Tour Package “Name”, “Description” and the Call To Action button.

We hope this helps you to make changes to your Tour Packages page.

NOTE: Softinn will NOT collect the Tour Package payment on your behalf.

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