How to Install Facebook Pixel to Your Hotel Website in Softinn CMS

Hello Softinn CMS user. You would like to track where the visitor clicks on your Hotel website page. You can do so by installing the Facebook Pixel to your Hotel website.

Facebook Pixel is useful to track events on your Hotel website. Indirectly, you can know what is your visitor activities on your Hotel website 🙂

On top of it, you can know which pages visitors focused on your Hotel website. Hence, you can make an improvement to your hotel website to enhance a better user experience.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to install Facebook Pixel to your Hotel website in Softinn CMS :

Steps to Install Facebook Pixel in Softinn CMS:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Facebook Pixel

Step 2 : Click the “+” sign on the right side. “Connect data sources

Step 3 : Select “Web“. Click “Get Started

Step 4 : Select “Facebook Pixel“. Click “Connect

Step 5 : Type in the name of your pixel and your website’s URL. Click “Continue

Step 6 : In the popup box, select “Install Code Manually

Step 7 : Click “Copy code

  • Open up Notepad and paste the code in
  • Remove the codes until only the code inside <script></script> is left
  • Copy the trimmed code

Step 8 : Go to Softinn CMS

Step 9 : Select the right property

Step 10 : Click on “Custom Script

Step 11 : Click “Add Custom Script

Step 12 : Type in the name. Paste the copied code in the “Script

Step 13 : Choose “head” for “Position

Step 14 : Click “Save Changes

Step 15 : Go back to Facebook Pixel. Click “Continue

  • You can turn on “Automatic Advanced Matching” to match your website visitor to people who are on Facebook. Click “Continue

Step 16 : Click “Launch Event Setup Tool

  • Type in your Hotel website URL. Click “Open Website
  • You can customize what do you want to track through the Event Setup Tool
  • Click “Track New Button
  • You can click on a highlighted button to set up your event. It let you track when a page is viewed

Step 17 : Check to see if Facebook Pixel is successfully installed on your Hotel website with the help of an extension “Facebook Pixel Helper”

  • Search Facebook Pixel Helper on Google browser
  • Click “Add to Chrome
  • Click “Add Extension”

Step 18 : Go to your Hotel website

  • You can click “View Analytics” to track the visitor activities

Let’s install Facebook Pixel to your Hotel website in Softinn CMS now! 🙂


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