How to Generate Cash Voucher for Your Guest to be Used in the Next Booking

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Due to the Covid-19 second wave, your Hotel might experience a high booking cancellation request. Due to this incidence, you may need to refund the full booking amount to the guest.

Instead of refund the full amount to the guest, your Hotel may consider provide a Cash Voucher for the guest to be used in the next booking. The cash voucher amount is equivalent to the booking sum paid by the guest.

The guest can use the cash voucher for their future booking in your Hotel. With this method, your Hotel cash flow will not be affected during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how you could generate Cash Voucher, using Softinn Promo Code system, for your guest to be used for the future booking in Softinn Extranet :

Steps to Generate Cash Voucher for Your Guest to be Used in the Next Booking:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Softinn Extranet 

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Click ‘More

Step 4 : Click ‘Create Promo code

Step 5 : Click ‘+‘ button to add the promotion

Step 6 : Choose ‘Basic‘ for the Promotion Type

Step 7 : Select ‘Active

Step 8 :  Insert the Promotion Name

  • You could put the Reservation Code with the Guest Name for tracking purposes

Step 9 : Insert the promotion description

Step 10 : Insert the Promotion Code

  • You could use the Reservation code number with the guest name if you want to

Step 11 : Tick on ‘Rate

Step 12 : Insert the full booking sum paid by the guest

Step 13 : Insert 1 for the quantity

Step 14 : Select the promotion validity period. Set the eligible booking date

  • You may define the period which your guest could make a booking using the cash voucher

Step 15 : Select the check-in and check-out date eligibility that entitle the discount

  • You may set the eligible check-in & check-out date for the cash voucher to be used for

Step 16 : You could choose Yes or No for ‘Apply on Public Holiday

Step 17 : Click ‘Yes‘ on Set on Private use only

  • Therefore, your promo code will not be auto-applied on Softinn Booking Engine

Step 18 : Click ‘Save Changes‘. You have successfully created the cash voucher for your guest. 

Step 19 : Click ‘i‘ icon to view the promotions that you’ve created

You could share the Prefix Code of the cash voucher to the respective guest, for him/her to use in the next booking.

If the guest has used the cash voucher, ‘Qty Used’ number will increase.


  1. Do remember to tick ‘Yes‘ on Set for Private use only for the Cash Voucher

Hope this video helps you on how to create the cash voucher for your guest 🙂

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