How to Create Early Bird Booking Promo Campaign for Your Hotel Guests

Hello fellow Softinn Extranet users! Early Bird promotion campaign is essential to hotel industry in improving the hotel bookings lead time, better manage a hotel revenue and room occupancy especially during peak season.

Softinn Promo Code system allows hotel to create Early Bird Promotion campaign. The system allow you to set the promotion to be applicable based on when the guests make their booking. Check out the video guide below to learn more about how to create an early bird promo campaign for your hotel guests using Softinn Extranet.

Steps to Create Early Bird Booking Promo on Softinn Extranet

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Login to Softinn Extranet

Step 2: Select the right property.

Step 3: Click “MORE”

Step 4: Select “Create Promo Code”

Step 5: Click “+” button

Step 6: Select “Early Booker” Promotion Type, and set the number of days before check-in date for your guests to be eligible for early bird promotion (i.e. must make booking 14 days / 30 days in advance before the guest’s check-in date)

Step 7: Define and set your promotion campaign criteria by filling in the Promo Code Form (i.e.: Campaign name, Promo Code Prefix, Promo values, Promotion Validity date, Allowed Check-in date,…etc)

  • Promotion Validity date means the date your guest shall make booking in order to enjoy the promo code
  • Allowed Check-in date means the date you guest could check-in & stay at your hotel

Step 8: Click “Save Changes” once you are happy with the setting.

Step 9: On the Promotion dashboard, you will see the promotion campaign that you created. Click on the “i” icon to view the Promotion Usage of the campaign, its promotion details, its QR code, and also the list of unique codes generated, if any.


  • On your Extranet, go to More → “Generate URL Link” to go to your property Booking Engine, try to make a test booking with this promo code. You could then experience from a guest’s perspective who make a booking using this promo code on your booking engine.
  • Other than Early Bird Promotion Type, check out this guide to learn more about Softinn promo code system.

Start to create an Early Bird Booking promo code for your hotel guests today.

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