What Hotel Should Know About Booking Confirmation Email Received from Softinn Booking Engine (BE)

Hello Softinn Extranet user!

Your guest made a booking through Softinn Booking Engine (BE) and has confirmed with payment. You will receive a booking confirmation email from Softinn.

Check out this video to learn what you need to know about a booking confirmation email received from Softinn :

What Hotel Should Know About Booking Confirmation Email Received from Softinn BE:

You’ll receive an email when there is a booking confirmation with the booking status as “Paid” booking.

In the email, you’ll be able to view the Booking Reservation No. Each Reservation code is unique. You can read what time a booking was made from the RV code.

For Example: RV2010140138AA637163
20: means 2020
10: means October
14: means 14th
0138: means 1:38am UTC time. If converted to Malaysia time, it’s 9:38am Malaysia time (+8 hours)

You’ll be able to see the Check-In and Check-Out date of the guest. The booking sum paid by the guest and the guest details will be included in the email too.

If there is a promo code applied for the booking, it will be shown in the email too.

Click the PDF booking ticket attachment in the email.

There will be a Merchant Record section.

  • Reference Sell Rate means the Booking Sum of this reservation paid by the guest
  • Net Rate means the amount Softinn will settle to your Hotel during the merchant payout
  • You will be informed of the merchant payout settlement date for this booking

There will be a Guest Record section.

  • The guest details will be included in this section
  • The room types and the breakdown of the room charges booked by your guest
  • Important Note: as the Check-in / Check-out policy defined by the Hotel
  • The cancellation policy will be shown in this section too. This policy is set by your Hotel in Softinn Extranet.
  • Your guest was made known about the same cancellation policy in their booking ticket too

Hope this helps you in reading the booking confirmation email sent from Softinn 🙂

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