Receive Multiple Booking Requests? Which Should You Respond to?

Sometimes, you might have received multiple Booking Requests (BR) in email / SMS around the same time. Some of them are asking for the same check-in date, whereas some are with different check-in date.

This could be possible when different guests are requesting for the same check-in date for your property.

If you notice in the SMS, different BR SMS is attached with a unique 5-digit code.
If you check to email, different BR email is with different reservation code starts with RV.

Check out the video & simple steps below on what should you do when you receive multiple BRs:

What Should You Do To Multiple Booking Request (BR)?

Follow the guidelines below:

Well, when you receive multiple BRs, all you need to do is:

Step 1: Check if the BRs are with the same check-in date

Step 2: If yes, then check if the check-in date is available.

Step 3: If the check in date is available, you can just decide which BR you wanted to accept. Accept ONE is enough.

Step 4: Once you have decided which one of the BRs you would like to accept, then just reply the SMS by typing “accept xxxxx“. Remember to put the 5-digits unique code attached with that BR that you decided to reply.

Step 5: How about the other BR that you didn’t reply? Worry not, system will automatically reject them for you.

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