How to Accept a Booking Request (BR)

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Our merchants are given 2 options for their property, either selling as:-
(1) an instant booker property or
(2) an Approve-based booking property (ABB).

For instant booker merchants, your guest will only need to check availability, book right away online and then confirm by payment straightaway. Whereas, if you choose to be an ABB, then your guest would first need to send you a Booking Request (BR) to seek your acceptance before proceeding to payment.

If you choose to be an ABB merchant, check out the video & simple steps below on how to accept Booking Request (BR) through Email & Extranet Dashboard:

Steps to Accept Booking Request (BR) :

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: When a guest sends a BR to you, the system will send you a notification by SMS AND also by Email. 

  • SMS notification will be sent to the registered mobile phone number submitted along with your agreement.
  • Email notification is as pictured below. You’ll get a pending BR email.


Step 2: Check for “No. of Pax” filled in by guests. It must not exceed your Max Pax. You can check from Email OR on Softinn Extranet Dashboard. Either one will do. 

  • From Email, scroll to the bottom of the BR email and look for “No. of Guests” and “Max. Pax”.
  • From Softinn Extranet Dashboard,
  1. You may click the link given in the SMS that you received. The link will redirect you to Softinn Extranet
  2. Login to Softinn Extranet
  3. Select the right property.
  4. Click Booking
  5. On the BR, check that the “Total Pax” does not exceed your Max Pax.
  6. If Total Pax does not exceed your Max Pax and the check-in date is available, you could proceed to ‘Accept‘ the BR
  7. Click ‘Accept‘ to accept the BR

Step 3: You can respond to BR via Email or Extranet Dashboard. Either one will do. Please reply within 8 hours after receiving BR.

  • If reply by Email, just click “Accept”  button in the email after you have checked the check-in date.

  • If reply by Softinn Extranet Dashboard, just click “Accept”  button in the email after you have checked the check-in date.

Step 4: After you’ve accepted the BR, the system will send you another notification telling you the deadline system allowed your guest to make payment to confirm the booking (customer has to pay within 12 hours). 

Step 5: If the guest has made the payment, you will then receive another SMS & email on the booking confirmation. Guest details will be given as well.

Step 6: If after the payment deadline has passed (12 hours) and you did not receive any booking confirmation notification, it means the guest did not proceed to payment. System will cancel the booking for you automatically.

NOTE: Of course, guests would prefer Instant property than ABB property because they do not want to wait for acceptance before payment.

Additional Info: What happens if you don’t respond to BR?

1. The system will automatically reject the booking request if you do not reply within 8 hours. The email and SMS notification look like the examples below.

  • System-generated email CC to owner

  • SMS notification received by owner if you did not respond to the BR within 8 hours.

Make sure to respond to BR if you don’t want to miss any booking.

** NOTE: You can refer to this guide for a demo of how to reject a booking request.

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