How to Reject a Booking Request (BR) ?

For merchant who choose to be an Approve-Based Booking merchant (ABB), check out this video and article on  how to REJECT a Booking Request which the requested check-in date of your property has been fully booked:

How to Reject Booking Request (BR)?

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: When a guest send a BR to you, system will send you notification by SMS AND also by Email. You can respond to BR via SMS OR Email. Either one will do.

Step 2: If reply by Email: – If the requested check-in date is NOT available, just click “Reject” button in the email.


Step 2: If reply by SMS: – If the check in date is NOT available, then reply the SMS by typing ” REJECT xxxxx “. Remember to put the 5 digits unique code behind the word ‘reject’.

Step 3: After rejected, system will notify your guest about the rejection and guest will never be able to proceed to payment for this booking request.

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