Manage User Role & Access on Softinn Extranet

Hi Softinn Extranet user! Do you know that you can add users to co-manage your property. And even better, you can actually control what roles and access that each users will have.

Softinn enables our merchant to add multiple users with different level of control, either to help you co-manage the Extranet or just to view the booking information to ease your workload and make your business operation more efficient.

Check out this video to learn how to manage Users & Roles on you Softinn Extranet account:

Follow the guideline below:

Login to Softinn Extranet & Role page
Step 1 : Login to Softinn Extranet:
Step 2 : Select the right property
Step 3 : Click on “MORE”
Step 4 : Choose “Manage User”. You will reach the Users page.
Step 5 : Click “Manage Role”. You will arrive at the Role page.

  • On the left column, you will see the default roles readily available in Extranet.
  • Each Role is with different access control to your Extranet account.
  • You would see Access Control for PMS & CMS, if you are Softinn PMS / CMS subscriber.

Step 6 : On the default role, you can rename the Role name as you wish. Click “Save Changes”.
Step 7 : “Untick” to remove the access to the Role. Click “Save Changes”.
Step 8 : To add a New Role, Click “Add Role” and name the Role (i.e. Finance Admin).
Step 9 : You then grant access to this Finance Admin role as you wish (i.e. “View” ONLY Booking & Report Only). Click “Save Changes”.

Let’s Add a User to “Finance Admin” Role
Step 1 : From the Users page, click “Add New User”.
Step 2 : Insert User’s Name
Step 3 : Insert User’s Email
Step 4 : Assign a Role for the User (i.e. Finance Admin)
Step 5 : Click “Save Changes”. The new user has been added with the assigned Role.

What Your “Finance Admin” User would See on Extranet?
Step 1 : Finance Admin login to Softinn Extranet:
Step 2 : She can ONLY “View” Booking & Report, but cannot edit

Now you can easily manage User Roles & Access to your staff to co-manage your property 🙂

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