How to Set Up Connection between Softinn Booking Engine with STAAH Channel Manager

Hi Softinn Booking Engine user. Softinn BE is now integrated with STAAH Channel Manager (CM).

With this integration, your Softinn BE now works just like another “OTA” of which you can now connect Softinn BE to your Staah CM.

Once the connection is established between Softinn BE and your Staah CM, you could just manage your BE’s room inventory, rates and restriction all from your Staah CM, without needing to manage them separately from Softinn BE anymore. Yes, save your time & effort!

Check out this video to find out more on how to set up the connection between Softinn BE with STAAH Channel Manager :

Set up for Connection between Softinn BE with STAAH CM :

Follow the guidelines below:

PART 1 : Provide STAAH Hotel ID to Softinn Account Manager

Step 1 : Provide your Staah Hotel ID to your Softinn account manager, for us to prepare for the initial integration. 

Step 2 : After you were notified by your account manager to start doing the setup, log in to your Softinn Extranet.

Step 3 : Go to “SETUP” and click on “Softinn BE x STAAH Settings

  • Please take note that, the access to this page is controlled by user role. By default, only Lodge Owner is given the full access to this page.

PART 2 : Complete Room Mapping between STAAH CM and Softinn BE. 

Step 1 : Make sure you have done creating all the room types in both Softinn BE and STAAH CM, before doing the room mapping.

In this example, I would like to map for the “Standard Room” type. 

Step 2 : Choose “Standard Room” on the Room (BE) dropdown menu, and then I select “Standard” from the Room (STAAH) dropdown menu.

Step 3 : Click on the “Map Room” button.

Step 4 : Mapping for Standard Room is done. By default, the status will be deactivated. Proceed to toggle the button to “Activate” the mapping when you are ready.

  • Once you have enabled it, the icon beside Standard Room will be changed from “Not connected” to “Connected”.

Step 5 : Repeat the same for the rest of the room types, if any. 

PART 3 : Complete rate plan mapping, between Softinn BE and Staah CM. 

Step 1 : Before you start doing the rate plan mapping, you will need to make sure you have set up the rate plan in both Softinn BE and STAAH CM.

In this example, I would like to map the Best Available Rate plan.

Step 2 : I select the “Best Available Rate” on Rate Plan (BE) dropdown menu, and then map to the “Room Only” from the Rate Plan (STAAH) dropdown menu.

Step 3 : Then, I click on the “Map Rate Plan” button to complete the rate plan mapping.

Step 4 : By default, the status will be on “Inactive” Toggle the button to activate it when you are ready. 

  • Once you have enabled it, the icon beside the “Best Available Rate” will be changed from “Not connected” to “Connected”.

Step 5 : Proceed to map the rest of the rate plan, if any.

PART 4 : Activate connection between Softinn BE and STAAH CM

Step 1 : Once you have completed the room mapping and rate plan mapping, please reach out to Softinn account manager.

Step 2 : Once your account is connected with STAAH CM, you shall see “Connected” status appears on the “Softinn BE x STAAH Settings” page.

Step 3 : Then, you may click on the “Get Inventory from STAAH” button. This will sync 1.5 years of Inventory and rates data from Staah CM to Softinn BE.

Important Notes :

  1. All the connected room’s availability, rates, and restrictions shall be controlled from your STAAH Channel Manager account. You are no longer be able to update them from Softinn BE.
  2. Any new paid booking received from your direct Booking Engine will be updated to your Staah Channel Manager account.
  3. The activities that happen in Softinn BE x STAAH Settings setting page also will be recorded in the Activity Log Report on Softinn BE, for audit trail purposes.
  4. I you are also Softinn PMS user and if you connected your Softinn BE with STAAH CM, you will not be able to enable PMS x BE Sync in your Softinn PMS account. 

Well, do reach out to your account manager to learn more about this and start the connection setup between Softinn BE and your STAAH Channel Manager.

Let’s try it out! 😁

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