How to Login to Softinn Extranet?

If you are a new merchant of Softinn or if you lost your password, this video & article guide you on how to activate and login to your Softinn’s account.

A) New Merchant? Login for the First Time?

1. For new merchant, you will receive an invitation email from us (from with the email titled “Welcome to Softinn” like the attachment below.

2. Click on “Activate My Softinn Account” link in the invitation email to set your password for the first time.

NOTE: Do let us know if you could not find the invitation email, contact

(Click “Activate My Softinn Account” & activate your account within 24hours upon receiving the email)
(After you have key in desired password, just click ‘Save My Changes’.)

3. And Voila! You’re all set to log in to our Softinn Extranet System. Here’s the login page

4. Friendly reminder, do bookmark for future login 😉

B) Existing Merchant? Forgotten Your Password?

1. Visit and Click ‘Forgot password?’ on the sign in page.

2. On the Forgot password pop-up window (like the one showed below), keyin your login email. Then click “Send new password” to reset your password.

(Please enter your email address and proceed)

3. An email titled “Reset your password for Softinn Extranet” will be sent to your email as indicated by the green box showed below.

4. Check your email inbox, click on the blue link – ‘here’ to reset password.

5. You will be directed to page (like the one showed below) to set your new password. Key in your new password and click on “Save My Changes” to set new  password.

(Please enter your new password and save changes.)

Additional Login Tips

If you are Google, Yahoo or Hotmail users, and wish not to memorize another login details, you may use the quick logins buttons provided. This service also available for Google G Suite (Business users).

If you are hotel merchants who do not use any of the above mentioned provider, you may still login with your own password.

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