Softinn Merchant Payment Process

Softinn Subscriber is given the Booking Payment Collection Mode options to choose either “Collected by Softinn”, “Collect by You (Host)” or “Collect by You (Using Payment Gateway)”. Check out this link to learn where you could update the payment collection mode .

NOTE: Non-Subscriber is by default on “Collected by Softinn”.
This article is only applicable to our merchants who are on “Collected by Softinn” for their booking payment collection mode.

Step 1: A Payment is made

After guest made a booking online, he/she will proceed to make full payment through the payment gateway offered by Softinn to secure a confirm booking. We accept Online Banking, eWallet, Credit Card, PayPal, or ATM transfer. Guest’s payment is under the custody of Softinn until the guest check-out.

Step 2: Commission will be deducted

Commission will be deducted from the total booking amount as Softinn services fee for the services rendered by Softinn.

The commission is subject to 8% SST.

Step 3: Twice a month Merchant Payout

We will compile your statement twice a month and send you the softcopy statement via email. We practice Two Pay-out Per Month, as below:

Monthly Pay-out Cut-off Date
First Half 13th of every month
Second Half 27th of every month

The pay-out will be based on the guest’s check-out date. For those bookings with check-out date ranging from 28th of previous month to 13th of the current month will be included in the First Half pay-out of the month. Whereas, for check-out dates happen between 14th to 27th (both inclusive) of the month will then fall into the Second Half pay-out of the month.

Step 4: Your earnings payout

Payment to our merchant will be made by online bank transfer, to your designated bank account (within 1-3 working days after cut-off date). Our bank will notify the transfer in email.

You can always login to Softinn Extranet to view your Payment Report.

Step 5: Payment Voucher

A payment voucher (with reference No.) will be sent to you after the payment is made.


We will not perform rounding adjustment on the total amount. All transactions are computer calculated.

***NOTE: If you have not setup your bank account details for “Collected by Softinn”, check out this link.

***NOTE: If you’ve already setup your bank account details and would like to cross-check the details from your email, click this link.

***NOTE: You can also view your bank account details from your Softinn Extranet account. Check out this link.

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