Where to View Softinn Payment Report?

Hello Softinn Extranet user. You can view Softinn Payment Report on Softinn Extranet now.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out where to view Softinn Payment Report on Softinn Extranet:

Steps to View Softinn Payment Report:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Login to Softinn Extranet

Step 2: Click “PAYMENT” button

**NOTE: We practices 2 times payout per month (13th & 27th). Payout is based on guest check out date

Monthly Pay-outCut-off Date
First Half13th of every month
Second Half27th of every month

Those bookings with check-out dates ranging from 28th of the previous month to 13th of the current month will be included in the First Half pay-out of the month. For check-out dates happen in between 14th to 27th (both inclusive) of the month will then fall into the Second Half pay-out of the month.

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