How to Apply for Payment Gateway Account with PayPal

Softinn offers 3 options to our subscribers in booking payment setting, which are as below:

(1) Collected by Softinn;  (2) Collected by You (Host);  (3) Collected by You using Payment Gateway

If you choose to use the 3rd option: Collected by You using Payment Gateway, AND would like to register with PayPal, we provide the following guides for you to apply for payment gateway account with PayPal.

Steps to Apply for PayPal Payment Gateway Account

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Click here to apply

Step 2
: Click on “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the page

Step 3
: Select “Receive payments from Paypal” and click next

Step 4: Key in your email address and click next

Step 5: Fill in necessary information (Business & Personal info)

Step 6: Check your email to confirm your account by clicking link in email sent by Paypal

Step 8: Go to and click “Link a bank account”.

Step 9: Verify your bank account

Step 10
: Login to , to get your Client ID & Client Secret key

  • Step 10.1: From the left panel on the screen, click “My Apps & Credentials“, and then choose “LIVE”
  • Step 10.2: On the REST API app, click “Create App”
  • Step 10.3: Put your property name or company name as the App Name, and click on “Create App”
  • Step 10.4: Copy the Client ID & Client Secret

Step 11: Insert the Client ID & Client Secret on Softinn Extranet & Start using!

Once you obtained your Client ID & Client Secret from PayPal, check out the video below on how to insert your PayPal keys on Extranet:

Let’s apply for PayPal Payment Gateway Account today & start collecting booking payment directly!

To learn how to set and update your booking payment setting on Softinn Extranet, please check out this link

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