How to Apply for Payment Gateway Account with DOKU

Hi fellow Indonesian subscribers! To collect booking payment from your guests, Softinn offers 3 options to our subscribers in booking payment setting, which are as below:

(1) Collected by Softinn;  (2) Collected by You (Host);  (3) Collected by You using Payment Gateway.

With the 3rd option: Collected by You using Payment Gateway, it means the booking payment from guests will be made directly to your payment gateway account without delay.

However, to collect payment using a payment gateway account, you would first need to apply from one of the payment gateway service providers.

Check out this guide to apply for payment gateway account with DOKU.


Steps to Apply for DOKU Payment Gateway Account

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 2: Fill in & Submit the form online

Step 3: Receive email and/or call from DOKU to guide you on the application

Step 4: Submit application form and required documents to DOKU

Step 5: Wait for DOKU’s & its bank’s approval.

Step 7: Insert the Mall ID & Share Key on Softinn Extranet  and set your preferred Pay Code Expiry period. Then, you can start using your DOKU Payment Gateway! Check out the video below on how to insert your DOKU keys on Extranet:

Let’s apply for DOKU Payment Gateway Account today & start collecting booking payment directly!

To learn how to set and update your booking payment setting on Softinn Extranet, please check out this link

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