Gold & Silver Plan Subscriber: Install “Contact Us” Button on Your Facebook Page

** NOTE: This guide is for Softinn Gold & Silver Plan Subscribers.

Hello, Softinn Direct Booking Subscriber!
Wanted to direct your FB fans to your listing page? Wanted to let your FB fans to directly book & pay with you?

Well, all of these can be solved by installing the “Contact Us” button on your FB page! By having this button, your FB fans will be directed to your listing page. They can now book & pay directly with you.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to install a “Contact Us” Button on your FB page:

Steps to Install “Contact Us” Button On Your FB Page:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook Page

Step 2 : Click on ‘Add a Button’ which is located at the right side of your page

Step 3 : Select ‘Contact Us’

Step 4 : In this page, you will need to paste your Listing page URL from Letsgoholiday website  (revisit to Step 5 after Step 6)

Step 5 : Go to Letsgoholiday. Key in your property name and click ‘Search’

Step 6 : Copy the URL of your property listing. Paste the URL link to the column on your FB page shown at Step 4. Then, click ‘Save’

Step 7 : You have successfully added “Contact Us” button

Step 9 : You can click on the ‘Test button’ to try it out. It shall direct you to your listing page.

With the “Contact Us” button appeared on your FB page, your FB fans can just click on the button and check your property listing information by themselves. They can also book & pay directly with you now through your direct booking contacts appeared on your listing page!

So Subscribers, get ready to say bye-bye to commission!

P/S: To know more about how to setup your Direct Booking Contact, check out this guide:

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