How to Make Instant Booking on

Hello Guest! Welcome to platform. We are proud to be “Buatan Malaysia” accommodation booking platform.

On we have 2 types of host: one who is selling on ‘Instant‘ mode, while another type is selling on ‘Approved-based’.

Want to book property for your trip but don’t know how? Check out the video & article guides below to find out more on how to make an instant booking on

How to Make An Instant Booking On

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Key in your destination/ hotel/ homestay name

Step 3 : Choose your check-in & check-out date

Step 4 : Click ‘Search

Step 5 : Choose the hotel/ homestay that you want (you can filter to get the property which fulfill your requirement)

Step 6 : Check the Maximum Guests number allowed by the hotel/homestay. Choose the hotel/homestay only if your number of people does not exceed the Maximum Guests number.

Step 7 : Once decided, click on ‘Book Now

Step 8 : Click ‘Check Price

Step 9 : Fill in all the required information

  • Host/hotel may deny you from check-in if you bring more people than Maximum Guests number allowed

Step 10 : Click ‘Continue’ once done.
(Choose you preferred payment method/ choose to reserve your booking for 15 mins)

**NOTE : You are only given 15 mins to complete your booking by payment.

**NOTE: If you would like to use manual bank transfer or Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), you are allowed to reserve your booking for 12 hours by clicking on “ATM Transfer” payment option.

**NOTE: You can check your Total Pax and Maximum Pax allowed in your booking email.

Let’s make a booking on today!

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