How to Modify Your Booking Check-in Date

Hello Softinn BE Guest, change of travel plan? Let’s say, you’ll need to postpone your trip to another future date due to the unavoidable circumstance.

Wonder how to modify your accommodation booking check-in date?

Worry not. Check out the video & guidelines below to find out  how to modify your booking check-in date with us:

Steps to Modify Your Booking Check-in Date:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Go to your email & look for the “PAID” booking confirmation email that we sent to you right after you have made the payment

Step 2: On the email, scroll to the bottom and click “Modify or Cancel Booking

Step 3: If the Reservation code & email have been pre-filled for you, then just click “Request to change date”

Step 3: ^^If the Reservation code & email are not pre-filled, then you have to fill in the reservation code and email by yourself. You can get the information from the booking confirmation email

Step 4: Then, click “Search” and “Request to change date

Step 5: Once you click “Search”, you will see the “Cancellation Policy” notes for your reservation

Step 6: Then, click “Request to change date

Step 7: Choose the new check-in and check-out date that you preferred

Step 8: You could insert the reason for the booking modification request on “Message” section

Step 9: Click on “Request To Change Date” and “Yes. Send Request


  1. Your new check-in date has to be AT LEAST 3 working days from the day you are making the modification request
  2. Your booking modification request is subject to availability
  3. Softinn Marketing team will contact you through email or phone call for confirmation of your booking modification request

Hope this helps you on how to modify the booking check-in date 🙂

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