How to do Channel Mapping and Room Mapping for AgodaYCS and AgodaHomes

Hello Softinn PMS user & Softinn Channel Manager subscriber!

After the setup the Room Type & Rate Plan completed, you can proceed with the Channel Mapping and Room Mapping in Softinn PMS.

Before you start to map Softinn Channel Manager to OTAs, please make sure that you have :

  1. Completed setup the Room Type and Rate Plan in Softinn PMS
  2. Completed your OTAs listing for your property

Softinn Channel Manager is connected to 40 over OTAs. Each of mapping process will be different for each OTA.

In this guide, we will show how you could proceed with the channel mapping to the Agoda.

Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to do Channel Mapping and Room Mapping for Agoda in Softinn PMS :

Steps to do Channel Mapping on Softinn PMS for Agoda YCS & Agoda Homes:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Go to Softinn PMS

Step 2 : Select the right property

Step 3 : Go to ‘Setup‘ & click ‘General

Step 4 : Click ‘Booking Source

You will see ‘Channel Mapping’ if you’re Softinn Channel Manager subscriber.

Map with Agoda:

Follow the guidelines below:

Step 1 : Select ‘Agoda

Step 2 : Click ‘+‘ icon

Step 3 : Before you proceed with Channel Mapping, you need to enable connection to Agoda first

For Agoda YCS user, to enable connection on Agoda Extranet:

  1. Go to Agoda Extranet and login to your account
  2. Then, click on ‘Property’ and the click on ‘Property Settings
  3. Click on ‘Optional Settings’.
  4. Tick on ‘Enable Channel Manager Mode
  5. Choose the connectivity provider : Softinn
  6. Then, click on ‘Save’ button
  7. After that , go back to Softinn Channel Mapping page to continue the channel mapping.

For Agoda Homes user, to enable connection on Agoda Home Extranet:

  1. Go to Agoda Extranet and login to your account
  2. Use the “Live Chat” function to reach out to Agoda customer service OR contact: , and request to enable the connection by providing the Property ID and login details in your request to Agoda Homes
  3. In your request, inform Agoda Home the connectivity provider is : Softinn
  4. Once Agoda informs you that the connection with Softinn is enabled, return to Softinn Channel Mapping to continue the process.

Step 4 : Insert your Agoda Hotel ID

Step 5 : Select the Room Type that you sell on Agoda

Step 6 : Select the currency (it must be the same currency you set in Agoda)

Step 7 : Select Rate

  • Net : If rates is Net (without commission)
  • Sell : If rate pushed is Gross

Step 8 : Put the status ‘Inactive‘ until you have done the room mapping.

Step 9 : Insert Markdown Tax Percentage. Click ‘Save

Channel mapping with Agoda is successfully done!

Step 10 : To do the Room Mapping, click ‘Map

Step 11 : Select OTA Listing Name

Step 12 : Select the PMS Rate Plan & Select the Number of Guest

  • Select the same rate plan with Agoda account
  • Make sure the info you update here is the same with Agoda account

Step 13 : Insert Extra Adult Rate/Child, if any

Step 14 : Click ‘Save

Room mapping with Agoda is successfully done!

Important Notes:

  • Before you flushed the information to Agoda, change the status to ‘Active‘ first
  • After the status was turned to ‘Active‘, all the availability and rate plan in Softinn Channel Manager will be pushed to Agoda
  • The information will be flushed to Agoda within 2-3 minutes

Let’s start using Softinn Channel Manager today!

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