How to Apply for Payment Gateway Account with iPay88 Malaysia

Hello Softinn Subscribers! Softinn offers¬†3 options¬†to our subscribers in¬†booking payment setting, which are as below: (1)¬†Collected by Softinn;¬†¬†(2)¬†Collected by You (Host);¬†¬†(3)¬†Collected by You using Payment Gateway If you choose to use the 3rd option:¬†Collected by You using Payment Gateway, AND would like to register with iPay88, we provide the following […]

Where to View Activity Log Reports on Softinn Extranet

Hello Softinn Extranet¬†user! As a Hotel Manager / Supervisor, you might want to monitor your staff activities on Softinn Extranet¬†. In Softinn Extranet , you could generate Activity Log Report and view “Who-Did-What-at-When” for the changes of Booking Payment Collection Mode and Booking Activity Log. Check out the video & […]