Softinn Company Profile and History

Softinn Solutions Sdn. Bhd., a tech travel startup that focus on vacation house host solutions which located in Malacca. Softinn is currently providing its cloud room booking systems to small lodge businesses like vacation houses, family-run hotels & super BnB hosts.

In the meantime, Softinn also conducts its very own marketplaces having more than 300 options throughout Malaysia and receiving 1,500 pageviews every single day. Besides, Softinn also achieved several goals and awarded from beginning till now as these were all sign that Softinn is being recognized in the market.

Well, long story short, let us observe how Softinn started back then and taking step by step to reach its triumph.


In short, Softinn cannot make this far without you because you are the pillar of support for us to get through all sorts of challenges and circumstances we faced. We will continue delivering better products and services to put your business at its finest as you deserve better.

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