How to Increase Page Visits of Your Homestay Website

Listing your property on online platforms like Let’s Go Holiday is a good step in getting your homestay discovered by guests. One of the benefits of having your property advertised on these platforms is that you get to leverage on their traffic.

However, since there are also many other homestays listed on the same site, you are also competing for page visits.

Getting guests to visit your listing is actually not hard and requires only minimal effort from your side.

Many homestay owners that we know have actually managed to increase their page visits which then lead to increased number of bookings by only implementing these five simple steps

1) Hero Image 

Picking the right featured image is key. We could not emphasize enough the importance of having a good hero image. The first image that the guests see is your hero image and it should be great enough to make them click. 

Your objective is to get them click on your listing to find out more about your homestay. So if your first image did not scream “Click Me”, you’d then lose the battle to other homestay owners with attractive-enough hero image without even putting a fight. 

Good hero image for homestays:

  • Master bedroom
  • Exterior + Swimming Pool
  • Living Room

With that being said, you also need to make sure that your other uploaded photos are decent enough and include everything necessary regarding your homestay (living room, bedroom, kitchen, car porch, exterior and other amenities).

Not sure if your hero image is heroic or you have uploaded enough photos? Check here

2) Update Your Facebook Book Now Button

Many homestay owners now have a Facebook Page as one of their business sites. Instead of putting a Send Message Button, you can also create a Book Now Button that leads to your listing page

You need to think of your listing as your official website. You will sure want to make use of your website and make it easy for guests to find and make booking.

Not just it will help guest find your information more easily, it will also help in increasing your page visits. This also requires minimal effort. In fact, to help you on this, we have curated a video guide here.  

3) Make Your Homestay Visible On Google Map

It is common for people to Google first before deciding on something and this includes when they are looking for accommodation. Most will just go to Google Map to search for accommodation in a particular area and click on the site listed to book.

Here’s what you need to do. You need to also make sure that you are visible on Google Map and add your listing URL as your website. You may refer the guide we created on how to list your property on Google here.

4) Be The Ambassador Of Your Homestay  

Your homestay is your business and you have to market it! Don’t just stop at advertising it on online platforms, start sharing it on your social media.

Just like we mentioned, think of your listing as your website where guest can contact you directly via the Contact Host Directly button. Share your listing on your Facebook and make use of relevant hashtags when you post. 

Not only your listing will be seen by your connections, there will be people who look for homestay using hashtags that will come across your posts. How to share your listing? It’s simple. Just go to your listing page on Let’s Go Holiday and click on the share button as in the image above. 

5) Share With Friends And Family Via Whatsapp

Your friends and family members can be your ambassadors too! Technology has made it easy for us to create a professional-looking artwork that contains details of our business within minutes.

Make use of free online tool like Canva and create a nice artwork for your homestay business. Be sure to include your homestay name, price, and contact number.

If you want to take it a step further, also include QR code that directs to your listing page. To generate QR code, simply go to this site and key in your listing URL. Above image is a sample of artwork that we created using Canva for our merchant for them to share online or via Whatsapp.

Like we said, these steps only require minimal effort but you should not underestimate the impact that it will have on your homestay business especially in increasing page visits for your homestay website.

Hope you’ll find these tips useful!

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