Distributing Your Promo Code: Where & How

You have already created a promo code to attract guests to your property, but you can’t think of how and where to promote it. Does this ring a bell for you?

In marketing your property, distribution is key. Don’t let your effort in generating ideas and creating a promo code for your customers go to waste. By this, we mean not knowing where and how to promote it.

This post is meant to guide you on what you should do after creating a promo code for your property in Softinn Extranet in terms of distribution.

Before we go any further, the first step after creating a promo code is to come up with an artwork. Canva should be your go-to tool to create an artwork for your promo code. It’s free and most importantly, with a simple tweak in a short time, you can simply come up with a professional looking artwork.

Here’s how you can make us of Canva to create an artwork:

  • Sign up on Canva
  • Click create a design button and choose design type
  • Free design templates will be provided to you. Click on any free template you prefer and start editing it

Refer to this video on how to use Canva.

After an artwork has been created, now we move to the part where we distribute it to your existing and potential guests.

Facebook page

If you own a Facebook page for your homestay or hotel business (which you must), be sure to share the promo code with your followers. Everyone loves promotion. Who doesn’t?

Keep your followers engaged and get them to share with their network. In this way, not only you make sure you page alive, you will also get new followers too and get your business known to more people!

WhatsApp broadcast list

Interact with your guests on a personal level using the Whatsapp broadcast list. You should have your guests’ contacts on your phone, make use of the contact to share the latest private promotion that you run for your existing customers.

Artwork shouldn’t be a problem now that you know how to make it using Canva. Come up with creative promo code to encourage your guests to come back and stay at your property again. It can be as simple as “Enjoy 50% of on your second night when you book using the code: COMEBACK46”.

When you use Whatsapp broadcast, not just it allows you to keep track of how many in your contact list that are your existing customers, it will make it easy for you to share with them your latest promotion. Save time on copy pasting, and the broadcast list will be saved for future use.

On your website / blog

The typical guest journey when they want to look for an accommodation, they will go to the search engine (most likely will be Google) and start typing keywords like “Homestay in Tanjung Tokong” or “Hotel near Mahkota Parade”.

If you have a dedicated website or a blog for your business, you need to make sure that it is updated and current. Update your blog or website with the latest promotion you’re running and the details of the promotion.

If you own a website or a blog, consider embedding our booking engine in it. By doing this, guests can straight away pick a date and book using the promo code that you advertise.

Place QR code at your property

Another creative way on how you can motivate your customer to come back is by placing the QR code of the promotion you run for existing customers at your property.

Softinn has updated our promo code system, now not just our merchants can create promo code using our promo code feature, they can also generate a QR code that they can print and place at their property.

When guests scan the QR code, they will be directed to the merchant’s booking engine with a promo code already filled in for them. They can simply take picture of the QR code placed, have it saved in their phone, and use it when they want to come back in the future.

You can also include the QR code in your artwork that you promote on your Facebook page, Whatsapp broadcast list and website or blog.

Hope these tips will help you in distributing your promo code to attract more customers to your property!

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