9 Simple Upselling Ideas For Homestays and Hotels

Upselling is a common term in the hotel industry. Many hotels provide add-on services that not just elevate their guests’ experience, but also bring additional revenue to their business.

However, other than hotels, upselling techniques can also be implemented by homestay owners. Just like hotel, homestay owners can utilize add-on services to help generate additional income for their business.

Upselling or providing add-on services does not have to be so fancy or requires hoteliers or homestay owners to go beyond to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. In fact, if you look closely around you, there are many things that you can actually upsell!

Here are our chosen 9 simple upselling ideas you can implement for your hotel or homestay business.

1) Breakfast

This is the simplest form of add-on service both hotels and homestays can provide. For hotels that already have a café or a restaurant, providing breakfast add-on sounds like a proper thing to do, doesn’t it?  

For homestay owners, you have the options to either provide a home-cooked meal or order from nearby eateries for your guests’ breakfast add-on. Likewise, hotels without café established in their property can also use the service of nearby eateries.

2) Extra Bed

Other than breakfast, extra bed is the commonly-requested item by guests, regardless of whether they are staying in a hotel or a homestay. Hotels and homestay owners can provide extra bed add-on for their guest and choose to charge per night or per stay.

3) Late Check Out

Provide late check out as one of your add-on services to guests. You have the flexibility to decide on a reasonable rate per hour if a guest requests for a late check out. Some hotels charge RM15 – RM20 per hour. Homestays can also provide this option but it can only be implemented if there is no other guest checking in on the next day.

4) Tour / Attractions Tickets

Hotels or homestays both, you know your own area better than your guests! Assuming most guests stay at your property to explore your area, consider providing them with tours or tickets add-ons. You may reach out to your nearby local attractions and find out if partnership is a possible option for you, maybe sign up as their agent and enjoy some percentage cut for items sold.

5) Bike Rental

Your place is located in an area worth exploring? Then consider bike rental as your possible add-on service for your guests. Invest in a few bikes for guests to rent. Not just it brings you additional revenue stream, guests will most likely remember your property for the service you provide.

6) Housekeeping / Laundry

Hotels normally already have this part covered. For homestays, if your guests are staying more than a certain number of nights, you can also consider providing them housekeeping or laundry add-on. For example, two times housekeeping in a week and a weekly laundry service for RMXXX.

7) Airport Pick Up

This is also one the most requested services by guests especially in the hotel industry. Consider airport pick up / transfer as one of your add-on services available upon request by guest. You may use your own vehicle or partner with local transportation companies.

8) Room Upgrade

Hotels, especially, should consider room upgrade as a possible add-on. You might be surprised to see that some guests would be willing to pay for room upgrade when asked. The key is to show the guests what available options they have and let them decide.

9) Spa Package

Another idea for add-on if you already know that there is a local spa nearby your property is a spa package. As we mentioned, you know your area more than your guests do. By providing variety of add-on choices, you are indirectly promoting the attractions to your guests and helping them to decide which places to explore.

Already gone through all the ideas presented above? These ideas are simple, the only thing left to do is to go about providing these add-ons to your guests.

If you’re using Softinn for your homestay or hotel business, we recently launched our upselling module where hoteliers or homestay owners can add their own add-on services in our Booking Engine.

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