Role of Hotel Front Office Manager

In the hotel industry, front office refers to the front desk or the reception area, the first place where the guests will head to as soon as they arrive to the hotel. We know first impressions are the most important thing in any hospitality industry. Hence, this is where the front office manager needs to play an important role to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

What do you know about Hotel Front Office Manager?

Many might confuse on the role of a Hotel Front Office Manager. Is Hotel Front Office Manager the person responsible to face the guest when they make a complaint? Does the manager have to take care of all the receptionist and front desk staff scheduled things?

The Important Roles of a Hotel Front Office Manager

1. Ensuring that guests receive the best service from hotel

As a Hotel Front Office Manager, he/ she is expected to oversee and monitor all aspects of hotel’s operation including guest rating, team member activities and achievement, daily activities and more.

Do take note that a Hotel Front Office Manager needs to know the property and the services offered to guests in and out. What is the latest promotion offer? Is there any ongoing maintenance or upgrade that guest should be informed earlier?

Other than that, the manager is also expected to be aware about the surrounding including the public parking areas, access points, nearby places as these things are value added services to your potential guest.

2. Taking care and arranging the staff schedule

Especially for hotels that provide 24 hours reservation service, shifts schedule is very much important so that they will be no redundant duty or staff need to work more than allowable working hours.

This is also will help to ensure the efficiency of the staff during their working hour in order to provide the best service and to maintain all the rooms according to the hotel standard.

3. Provide Training

A Hotel Front Office Manager needs to train subordinates to handle the process of check in and check out guests quickly and ensure they are provided with enough training. There is no such an excuse to not provide the training such as too busy, save budget and so on.

Well-trained staff can lead to a successful business. As a Hotel Front Office Manager , you need to be the best among the best as you are the role model.

4. Dealing with the guests in a professional way

In case guest make any complaint either directly to the reception area, via phone call or e-mail, as a dedicated Hotel Front Office Manager , you should resolve and take responsibilities in order to resolve the matter courteously and efficiently.

As the feedback and reviews from guest matter to hotel, the way you handle the problem and resolve the issue should not give the bad impact to the guest. Take any complain from the guest for improvement and left only the good memories to the guest.

The roles of a Hotel Front Office Manager at the very basic should cover the four main aspects that we have outlined above. What else do you think should also be within a Hotel Front Office Manager’s responsibility? Let us know by commenting below.

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