Softinn PMS Equipped With User Activity Log

More and more hotels are now considering to have a Property Management System (PMS) integrated to consolidate their daily operations and improve efficiency.

Common key values that PMS providers offer to hoteliers are by:

  • automating hotel daily operations and processes
  • increasing staffs’ productivity via streamlined check in & check out process, bookings and billings
  • integrating with a channel management function for hoteliers to advertise across OTAs
  • tracking of data and revenue report

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User Management System

In addition to the points mentioned above, we believe that there is also another area which is not to be taken lightly by hoteliers; user management.

Since hotel system often involves large amount of important guest and business data, we realise it is also crucial for hotels to have an effective user management.

Knowing this, Softinn PMS is now equipped with a small but mighty feature for hoteliers to use, User Activity Log.

Why Hoteliers Need User Activity Log

With User Activity Log, hoteliers can monitor login activity regularly to ensure that no unauthorized attempts have been made including altering booking details, billing, closing and opening unit.

Should any unauthorized attempts be made, hotel managers can investigate unauthorized attempts further by referring to the User Activity Log report to find out which user email had performed the activity and at what time.

This way, it makes it possible for the manager to tie the user and time with the staff working within a particular shift to help with the investigation.

Alternatively, you can also set different email for your staffs with different roles so it will make it easier to monitor the User Activity Log.

How To Use User Activity Log

If you’re already using Softinn PMS, you can now make use of our User Activity Log to monitor login activity in detail. Here’s how you can view the user activity log on Softinn PMS.

Go to Softinn PMS

Click on the Report Tab > Activity Log

You will then reach the user activity log. The log will be able to show you which event took place at what time and was performed by which user email as shown below.

It might be small, but with effective user management and the ability to track who did what and at what time using the User Activity Log, hotel productivity and efficiency will surely be improved over time.

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