How to Test if My Hotel Website is Mobile Friendly

It is a well known fact that mobile is becoming more important and people do rely heavily on their mobile when making decisions especially during travelling.

For hoteliers, the need to have a mobile friendly website has become more crucial than ever. Safe to say that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re losing a big chunk of potential customers.

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But question is, how technical it is to find out whether your website is mobile-friendly? You’d be surprised there are actually many tools on the Internet that you can find if you want to test if your website is mobile friendly.

To save you time, in this article, we are going to show you the step by step guide to perform a test for your website. You may go for basic or advance guide to run the test.


1. Use Google Mobile Friendly test link

2. Enter your website URL, then click on the test URL button.
3. The result will come out either your page is mobile friendly or not. If your website is mobile friendly, here is the result. Congratulations!

4. However, if your website is not mobile friendly, the test result will be shown up as below:

The important issues will be shown as well, and you will then be guided on how to fix them. Most of the actions that need to be taken mostly include designing and developing process. Thus, work with your developer and designer to fix the issues so that you have a working mobile view.


Simulate mobile devices with device mode in Chrome DevTools
1. Go to your website page and right click, click on the Inspect

2. Click on the Toggle Device Toolbar to open UI to enable a mobile viewport.

3. Use the viewport control, you will have the options to view your website and how does it respond towards different type of mobile. For example, Android, Iphone, Ipad and more.

It is important to ensure that your website visitors have a seamless experience when browsing your site regardless of the devices they use. You will know if your website is optimized for mobile users when you run the above tests.

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