Softinn Product Update – 2021-10-21 – v2.82.0

We are back this month with more updates!

CMS users can now create Meetings and Events separately. We have split Meetings & Events into separate modules. Existing packages/items that have been added prior to this update are placed under Meetings.

Softinn CMS Meetings page

Along with this update, you can choose to leave the “Call To Action” field empty, set it to any pre-defined actions, or define your own custom URL.

  • By leaving “Call To Action” field empty, there will not be any button on the details page for the guest to click.
  • Pre-defined actions will direct the guests to an enquiry form. The available actions are:
    • Get Best Quote
    • Get Free Quote
    • Reserve Your Spot
  • “Custom URL” will ask you for the name of the action as well as the URL to redirect the user to.

After months of improvement and bug fixes, we’re happy to release the next major update to all of you. The software will auto-update itself, and you do not need to do anything – the latest version spell v0.2.6.3.

Here’s the summary of what we’ve included in this release:

  • Issue hotel room key. We’ve done our integration with Intego, Orbita, Jensberg, Level3 and Stedy.
  • We’ve enabled room key audit through the room key history logs
  • We’ve integrated the software with these hardware – passport scanners, credit card terminals, banknote collectors and printers.

The most exciting of all, we’ve turned on the Kiosk mode so you test it before you commit to buying the hardware.

The app downloads reservations from Softinn PMS and then enable room key issuing.

Thanks for reading!

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