Softinn Product Update – 2022-07-06 – v3.6.0

We welcome the month of July with updates on our products. This time around, our product update includes maiden contributions from the Product Team’s Coding Ninjas as well as improvements on our PMS Room Status and Report Service.

One of the feedbacks that we frequently get regarding our PMS Reports is the time taken to generate the reports. Therefore, we decided to set all our reports to display the data for the current date only. If you’re one of PMS users, you will find that reports with date ranges are now set to the current date by default.

PMS Report Date Range Default

For example, in the Reservation Made Today report, the default date range is set to the current date. Worry not, you can still change the date ranges according to your needs. We hope that this will reduce the report loading time when you first load the reports.

In addition to this change to the PMS Report service, we have also upgraded the PMS Invoice & Receipt Lists. If you are our PMS users, you can now filter the lists by the invoice/receipt dates as well as export the lists as PDF / Excel files.

In March 2022, we revealed an upgrade to our PMS Room Status page with the release of Softinn v3.2.0 (read more about this update here). We have been receiving feedback and you are heard. We released improvements on the PMS Room Status with this version of updates.

Updated UI and Functionalities on PMS Room Status page

What are the changes with this update?

  1. Mark a room dirty (if it is clean)
    • Regardless of the room status and cleaning tasks, you are now able to mark a room clean or dirty without creating a cleaning task on the Housekeeping page.
    • Dirty rooms are marked with a broomstick on the panel.
  2. Mark a room clean (if it is dirty)
    • Just like marking a room dirty, you can mark a room clean without completing any cleaning tasks (if there are any).
    • Clean rooms do not have any broomsticks on the panel.
  3. Dirty-Room-Check upon Check-In
    • You are not allowed to check a guest into a dirty room.
    • You will need to mark the room clean first prior to checking the guest in.
  4. Action shortcuts
    • There are more actions you can take for each room depending on the room status.
    • These actions are accessible by clicking on the panel (see image below).
Action Panel for Room Status

The improvements to Room Status ensure that the changes to a room status will follow a set flow. We set the conditions on which a room status can change, such as:

  1. You can only check a guest into a room that is clean and in Vacant (white) / Arrival (sky blue) status.
  2. Room status will remain in Departure (orange) status until you check the guest out of the room.
  3. An Occupied (dark blue) room will change to Departure (orange) on the day that the guest will check out (daily reservations) or 30 minutes before the guest checks out (hourly reservation).
  4. If you mark a Vacant (white) room as dirty, the room status will change to Housekeeping (yellow).

If you have any questions or difficulties in using the PMS Room Status page after this update, please refer to our guideline – Overview of the Room Status Page in Softinn PMS.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received from you, our users. They have been very helpful to us as we work to improve our products and services. We will strive harder to provide a better user experience for our users.

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