Softinn V4

Softinn Product Update – 2023-03-21- v4.0.0

As Softinn grows, our products also grow, and the number of users also grows. This growth brings another set of challenges to my team and me. We started hearing feedback on the latency of our products and we faced challenges to scale our products based on the demands. We pushed our techs to the limit and hit a wall.

In March 2023, we released Softinn v4.0.0. This version update is very crucial to us. It contains our solutions to the stumbling blocks that my team and I faced. This update focused on the infrastructure, the technologies that we used, and the frameworks that we built our products on. There are no new features.

Softinn v4.0 has been built on .NET 6 and EF7. In addition to these frameworks, we also changed our servers. Our products are now deployed to a new server with better specs. The new stacks that we implemented are engineered to boost the performance of our systems.

This version is at least 30% faster than the previous versions. We have reduced the processing time to process every request. This opens up our resources to process more requests in a period of time. Version 4.0 is also more reliable and scalable. We implemented better error handling and reporting on our backend. We subjected this version to extensive testing and quality checks as we migrated our codebase.

Our main aim is to provide better services and experiences to our users. That said, if you are one of our users, you can expect better performance and speed when you are using our products.

We value your feedback tremendously. Please let us know what you think of this version upgrade.

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