How to Differentiate Between Islamic and Conventional Bank Account

Do you know how to differentiate whether your account falls under Islamic account or Conventional account?

One of the differences between them is Conventional Account’s interest is charged even when organization suffers any losses meanwhile Islamic bank operates on the basis of profit and loss sharing. In case, the businessman has suffered losses, the bank will share the losses.

This information is important to you as an account holder. Let us help you with that.

What is Bank Swift Code?

A swift code is an international bank code that identifies particular bank worldwide. It is known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). These codes are used when transferring money between banks and also for exchanging other messages between them.

  1. Maybank


There is NO difference between Maybank and Maybank Islamic. As long as the account number matched, then it can be process by the bank. Maybank will provide the swift code in MBBEMYKL (8 digit).

  1. CIMB bank


Previously, CIMB account number is made up of 14 digit. Starting from 3 February 2014, they have a new account number which is only 10 digit. CIMB Conventional Account swift code which is CIBBMYKL meanwhile Islamic Account is CTBBMYKL.

New Account Number (10 digit)

Conventional Account: starts with 80XXXXXXXX & 70XXXXXXXX

Islamic Account: starts with 86XXXXXXXX & 76XXXXXXXX

Old Account Number (14 digit)

Conventional: 0401XXXXXXX056 (last 3 digit is 0) & 0401XXXXXXX527 (last 3 digit is 5)

Islamic Account: 0509XXXXXXX100 (last 3 digit is 1) & 0804XXXXXXX200 (last 3 digit is 2)

  1. Hong Leong Bank


You may differentiate by the 2 digit in the middle of the account numbers. Hong Leong Bank swift code is HLBBMYKL meanwhile Islamic Account is HLIBMYKL.

Conventional Account: ended as 0. Example: xxx-x0-xxxxxx

Islamic Account: ended as 1. Example: xxx-x1-xxxxxx

  1. OCBC Bank


It’s very easy to differentiate between OCBC and OCBC AL-AMIN Bank. OCBC Bank conventional account swift code is OCBCMYKL meanwhile Islamic account is OABBMYKL.

Conventional Account: start with 7. Example: 7XXXXXXXXX

Islamic Account: start with 1. Example: 1XXXXXXXXX

  1. RHB Bank


There have one way to differentiate between RHB and RHB Islamic Bank and it’s very easy. RHB Bank conventional account swift code is RHBBMYKL meanwhile Islamic account is RHBAMYKL.

Islamic Account: start with 1-6xxx & 1-0xxx.

Other than account number that start with 1-6xxx & 1-0xxx, it will be Conventional Account.

  1. Alliance Bank


Alliance Bank swift code is MFBBMYKL meanwhile Alliance Islamic Bank swift code is ALSRMYK1.

Conventional Account: start with 1/0.

Islamic Account: start with 5/6.

  1. HSBC Bank


HSBC Bank swift code is HBMBMYKL meanwhile HSBC Amanah bank swift code is HMABMYKL.

Islamic Account: start with 0. Example: 0XXXXXXXXXXX

Other than account number that start with 0, it will be Conventional Account.

  1. Public Bank


Public Bank swift code is PBBEMYKL while Public Islamic Bank swift code is PIBEMYK1.

Islamic Account: The second digit of the account number is 7,8 and 9. Example: x7xxxxxxxx.

As for Conventional Account, the second digit is not made up of 7, 8, 9.

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What Content To Put On Homestay Website

One of the ways to get users to read about your blog is the content that you will share publicly. A good content can always pull user back to your blog but quality content takes a lot of time to develop and is a true work of art.


  1. About Us Info

Put a brief background of the homestay. There is nothing worse than reading something without a personal approach. Put your vision of how you want your guests to view your homestay.

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  1. Social Media Links

Do not forget to include your links of your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account so that users will know how to contact you for future reference.

FireShot Capture 13 - Reservation - Me_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_reservation.html.png


  1. Reviews

One way to get other customers to your homestay is testimonials from previous customers. This is the key to sell your room. You can try a video review which would achieve a better outcome.

FireShot Capture 21 - Meet Alma I The world's first truly integrated SIS _ - http___www.getalma.com_.png


  1. Contact Info

A contact page is important so that users can connect with you immediately. Give easy direction guide even better add Google Maps into your blog.

FireShot Capture 15 - Contact - Melaka Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_contact.html.png


  1. Call To Action Button

This is often not taken seriously. Adding booking widgets to your homestay website will prompt users to click. You can visit here to see how to install booking engine to your Blogspot.

FireShot Capture 8 - Reservation - Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_reservation.html.png


  1. Gallery

Having an image gallery is a great way to share the surrounding of your homestay to users. A picture is worth a thousand words so the key to attract customers is good photos. You can click here to get reference on how to take good photos.

FireShot Capture 24 - Gallery - Melaka Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_gallery.html.png


These are some of the few “must-have” content on your websites. Give these tips a try. Happy blogging!

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blogspot

Have you ever wonder who will be reading your blog post? It is easy to create a blog but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Here are 5 essential tips to get more views on your blog.

  1. Add Internal Links

Include other links of your blog post with applicable content. You want readers to stay on your site. So include appropriate links of your previous post of your content. Of course you don’t have to put in every links of your posts.

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  1. Keep Sharing

Instead of publishing once and leave it alone. It is better to keep publishing on diffrerent platforms. From this image you can easily see how you can easily double your traffic by sharing it in your social media links.


  1. Add Graphics, Photos and Illustrations

If you have great photography skill or able to doodle something on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop then you should publish those images on your blog. When you upload your images on third party service such as Flickr or Niice. Through this you create another traffic via Image Search.


  1. Incorporate Great Designs

Use great templates that have a website feel. Readers would love to go to a blog that has great designs and straight forward buttons that are user friendly. You can get some great reference for choosing the right template for your blog by clicking here.

FireShot Capture 4 - Top 10 Blogpot Templates For Homestay _ - https___blog.mysoftinn.com_2016_07_.png

  1. Optimize For Speed And Mobile

Viewers will not wait for you blog to load so avoid images that takes a long time for your blog to load. You can check Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to see your speed score, as well as tips on what you can do to improve the speed of your website. Web users spend nearly 3 hours a day on their tablets or mobile phones. Choose templates that are mobile friendly.

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Hope this few tips helps you increase traffic on your blog. Happy blogging!

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