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When we mentioned about multiconfessional and multicultural society, the first nation that comes into our mind is always Malaysia. Malaysia is a country that not only rich in the sense of natural resources but also their people lifestyles. By virtue of multiconfessional and multicultural society, we tend to experience various festivals celebrated by locals. In the meantime, we can also expose ourselves to different local customs. In order for hospitality industry to fit into this phenomenon, several issues have to be taking into account especially the niche market.

First and foremost, what is niche market? Niche market is simply the subset of the market on which a specific requirement of product or services is focused. In this case, as of the 2010 Population and Housing Census, Malaysia is known to have 61.3% of the population practices Islam. Many of you may be wondering that 61.3% is a considerable amount and still falls into niche market. If we look into this matter deeper, we managed to notice that although Malaysian with various races, each and every different race practices their very own customs daily and these customs had merged into their lifestyle without their awareness. Hence, since we are tightly bonded with our traditions and customs, it may take us sometime to fit in others practices.

Secondly, how this niche market influences current market from the aspect of running a homestay business? As travellers choose to stay in a homestay, the main reason is they want feel as home. Therefore, due to the population of Malaysia, homestays with muslim only had mushroomed slowly in current market. With these homestays, travellers feel secured and relaxed as their bond with host is tighter despite they came from the same religion and race. Most importantly, the customs and practices of both the travellers and host are the same where travellers can enjoy themselves without worrying a single thing.

But, a doubt had arisen at this point. How can travellers identify which homestay is for muslim only? Need not to worry because Softinn Solutions had a solution to get rid of your doubt. Softinn introduced a tag call “muslim” where for those homestays with this tag is meant for muslim only. It comes in handy when travellers wish to have a reference on homestay for muslim only. With the implementation of this tag, travellers no longer have to spend most of their time searching all over our marketplaces to look for their preferred muslim only homestay. At the same time, this also ease non-muslim travellers as they can identify which of the homestays listed are not suitable for them. This tag saved a lot of time for both muslim and non-muslim travellers.


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